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Tricord Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing

Northboro House

Our Property

Northboro House has 6 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 3 common area rooms, and a large yard. The home can comfortably accommodate 12 residents including a live-in House Manager. 


Northboro House is located next to the public library on Rt 20 in the center of Northboro.  We're within walking distance to daily meetings, coffee, restaurants, services, jobs and other amenities.

The House & Community

Northboro House is an alcohol and drug free home.  We strive to promote a healthy community with positive relationships.  Residents consent to random testing and live in the home with the understanding that there is zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use. Residents agree to be neighborly and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times while on the property and in the community. 

About Us

Tricord is a non-profit organization that provides transitional housing and additional benefits to people who are working and focusing on their recovery.  Our home is drug and alcohol free which means residents agree to zero use while living in our home.  Residents consent to random testing to support their recovery.

Foundation for Change

Practically speaking, we believe that in order for people to recover from some of life's most difficult challenges, safe and affordable housing must be in place.  Housing serves as a foundation for which focus on recovery, career and educational goals can begin.  We believe that spiritual and emotional well being are also critical to growth. 

Additional Benefits

In addition to providing a safe and affordable place to live, we also provide residents with spiritual and emotional support, relationship management skills, conflict resolution skills, effective communication skills, job coaching and other important life skills.  These additional benefits occur naturally as relationships develop with staff and other residents. 

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Northboro House

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Northboro House is owned and operated by Tricord Transitional Housing, Inc., a Massachusetts 501c3 non-profit organization.

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